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Student Oath

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I shall observe the tenets of TaeKwon-Do.
I shall respect instructors and seniors.
I shall never misuse TaeKwon-Do.
I will be a champion of freedom and justice.
I will build a more peaceful world.

Six Tenets of TaeKwon-Do/Karate

Courtesy: Students should attempt to practice courtesy to build their noble character.

Integrity: In TaeKwon-Do/Karate, the word “integrity” assumes a looser definition
than the one usually presented in Webster’s dictionary. One must be able
to define right and wrong and have the conscience, if wrong, to feel guilt.

Perseverance: One of the most important secrets in becoming a leader of TaeKwon-Do/
Karate is to overcome every difficulty by perseverance. Confucius said,
“One who is impatient in trivial matters can seldom achieve success in
matters of great importance.”

Self-control: This tenet is extremely important inside and outside the Academy, and
whether conducting oneself in free sparring or in one’s personal affairs.
A loss of self-control in free sparring can prove disastrous to both student
and opponent. An inability to live and work within one’s capability or
sphere is also a lack of self-control.

Indomitable Spirit: A serious student of TaeKwon-Do/Karate will at all times be modest and
honest. If confronted with injustice, he will deal with the belligerent without
fear or hesitation at all, with indomitable spirit, regardless of whomever
and however many the number may be.

Victory: This tenet has two meanings. The first being “success in any contest or superiority
in battle or war.” The most important meaning that is not always
recognized by many, or even noticed by few, is “the victory of overcoming
obstacles,” such as learning a new form, or a new kick, or a difficult board
break. These obstacles are sometimes great, but, once conquered, become
a victory in the long battle for success and superiority.

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